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Great Positive Energy!

"What a great program for kids. Coach Phil is so positive and high energy. His constant smile and upbeat attitude make it easy for kids to like him and follow along. Good stuff!!"

- Ragsdad

Meet the team

Coach Phil

Phillip Pirollo◦BA Health & Exercise Science◦Certified Parkour Instructor ◦Certified Master Personal Trainer◦Certified Nutrition Consultant◦Certified Kid/Teen Fitness Trainer

Coach Phil is a fitness professional and parkour enthusiast. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Health & Exercise Science along with multiple national fitness and parkour instructor certifications. He is an SCW Fitness Education award winning presenter and competed in the Las Vegas Finals on NBC's hit TV show American Ninja Warrior. 

He owns the Pinnacle Parkour Academy and has developed the WORLD’S FIRST Parkour & Ninja inspired group exercise program: PKfit

Vito (Green Warrior)

 Vito Lasprugato, ABA, AAAI, ACSM, IAOTH, PPA ◦Certified Nutritionist◦Certified Herbal Information Specialist◦Certified Fasting Coach◦Certified Fitness Coach◦Certified Parkour

With over 15 years in the Health and Fitness Industry, Vito has taken a passionate mission in servicing the needs of guiding and coaching his community by enriching their health and well-being. He has consulted for thousands of independent clients including actors, models, and professional athletes. He has been featured on CBS and ABC News for his accomplishments in his community.

Vito owns Vito’s Wellness and is an active partner with the PKFit Program.

PKfit Ninjas

Matty, Juliet, Emily, & Jacob are our PKfit Ninja Superstars. These little ones are NOT actors! They are real life Parkour Ninjas with amazing movement skills. Your kids will love watching them jump, climb, and crawl through obstacles as well as tough out gruling exercises and play FUN fitness games!